About Honami


Honami is a Universal 波動 hado shift consultant and Licensed Acupuncturist.


About Honami

Honami was born and raised in the snowy mountains of Nagano in Japan, where she was deeply influenced and grew a love for nature & plant life. She is always curious about people and their perspective of life and has devoted her life to spirituality and humanity.IMG_1113


I believe we are the best healers of ourselves when LOVE is at the center. Our bodies are amazing; they perform miracles every day. We already have all the power within us to heal ourselves. My strength is to direct people towards their optimum potential of physical, emotional and spiritual health by helping them to shift their thoughts, feelings and energy. I believe that every person has individual, special, and unique qualities and life goal within them. As a universal wave shift consultant I am a guide; helping people to discover their full potential and to truly live their life purpose.

Philosophy and Practice

My life focus is on the theme of Self Love and the question ‘How to heal our lives?’ In the last few years, my sessions with clients have developed into the practice of ‘learn to heal’. Through one-on-one sessions and workshops, I help clients to identify the core beliefs and energy blockages that are the cause of their pain. I then guide and support them into self-awareness and self –healing.

Personal empowerment, our willingness to change and personal commitment for our healing are the keys to 21st century medicine. As such, I live in integrity as a healer of myself and of others. I work to hold space to cultivate love and to practice self-awareness and self-healing continuously. I am present with everyone, speak the truth, and am heart centered in every moment.


She is a registered acupuncturist RAc in Canada, Member of CTCMA, graduated from PCU Holistic College Of Medicine, where she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Cupping Therapy and Herbology. She graduated from ITM Thai Massage School in 2001. Additionally, she has apprenticed with Intuitive Energy Healer & Psychotherapist Karen Radu  for over 5 years to expand her knowledge and understanding of human psychology, NLP (Nuro-linguistic Programming) and human energy fields. Specialized kinesiology, Brain up date, Sound therapy.


What is Registered Acupuncturist?
  • has 2200 hours of training, the highest standards in North America
  • has mandatory continuing education and upgrading knowledge extensively every year
  • has Western medicine education & Acupuncture extensive clinical internship training


Life Sprouts 123 healing vision


Life Sprouts 123 is helping people heal themselves and guide them on their own path.

My holistic approach is to see the body as a whole including the physical body, human energetic field, emotion, and the spiritual aspects. I believe we already have the answers within us.

Feeling is healing” this is the key. When we become aware of our feelings we are more connected with our selves. When we connect with our physical pain we get to know more about ourselves.

Physical pain, emotions and thought patterns are all intertwined with each other. Being aware of our thoughts and feelings guide us to the root of  limited negative beliefs, doubts and fears where it holds pain in the body. “Issues in the tissues

When we are willing to listen to our feelings and ourselves the shift always happens within ourselves and the world around us. It’s never too late to start treating ourselves, so don’t give up on you and your pain. We have a lot of work to do!

Pain is not a life style, are you ready to heal your self?


Q; What was an inspiration to run or start your business?


A: After many attempts to heal my chronic pain in my 20’s, I found that only acupuncture and emotional clarity helped me.  It was so effective that I wanted to help others by giving them the tools to heal themselves. This became my passion.


Q:What do you love most about your job?

A: When I see clients become confident in themselves and feel better in life by learning how to heal their life. I am grateful to be part of their healing process.


Q: What is your best feed back you’ve ever received from a customer?

A: I received many validations from the clients saying “You changed my life” and they feel empowered and confident in their life challenges.