Mind, Body & Spirit Counselling


I began working with Honami when I was going through a challenging period in my life.  I committed to seeing her for 8 weeks, during which time she helped me address the negative belief patterns that I had developed as a child and into adulthood. I not only managed to overcome my initial concern, but I was also able to change some behaviour problems that were no longer serving me.  I got so much out of those initial several weeks that I actually stayed on for several more, to go deeper and really see the source of my anguish, which was both emotional and spiritual. I am very grateful to her for that experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my patients, family or friends to her.  She is professional, compassionate and has a great gift helping people overcome obstacles and manifest who they are truly meant to be.


C. J.  Health Practitioner North Vancouver               


Honami is a very special Healer. When I enthusiastically recommend her to my friends for all manner of issues- psychological, physical and spiritual, people ask me “but what it is a session like?”
So here has been some of my experience:
Having a variety of healing tools in her repertoire, some of the sessions that I had with Honami were acupuncture-focused, sometimes we did energy healing and other times we talked and she taught me self-healing techniques.
She is highly intuitive, and really focuses on getting to the root of the issue. No band-aid fixes here! I have benefited from sessions with her for everything from physical acute neck injuries and chronic headaches to emotional release for fear and grief.
There is a lot that sets Honami apart from other health practitioners and especially acupuncturists. She asks the hard questions (you know, the ones that hint at what the root of the problem is!), she is patient, compassionate and fully present. She is truly a teacher; empowering me to heal myself.
My experiences with her have left me feeling relaxed, clear and powerful.Andrea

Andrea Potter – Certified Chef, Registered Holistic Nutritionist-


“Honami is certainly an enlightened soul, she has guided me on the path to healing myself and getting at core issues. She gave me the confidence to challenge myself and find ways to release emotional issues that I couldn’t through just talking. I feel that Honami is unique through her holistic approach which includes the spiritual aspect, which is so often forgotten, but so important.”
S. Poller – Writer & communicator –


Acupuncture & Energy Work Session


I have known Honami for almost 6 years and have seen her go through some of her education and training in the healing of mind, body and spirit. She’s one of the most positive, hard-working, open and caring people I know. I had been going through a depth of anxiety and depression that I had never experienced before. I lived with it for about a month and when I wasn’t getting better, I decided to see Honami. We decided on Wellness Acupuncture and Energy Work. To be honest, I was skeptical about the energy work. Was it real and would I see/feel results from it? I voiced my thoughts and concerns about the process, she actively listened to me and assured me that it was okay to feel that way. After the 3rd session, I was a convert. I could feel the energy work in my body during our sessions and she taught me how to practice at home and work. She does her practice with great intention and genuine caring for people and wants to share her knowledge with people to empower them to heal themselves. I highly recommend her services and I feel very fortunate to know her. Thank you, Honami!

 Ji Young Yoon    -Artist –   view her art @ Instagram for  jiyoung74


Six years into my career as a firefighter, I have been burned, bruised and even broken. Honami has been with me every step of the way as an integral part of my health and wellness. Her compassionate, yet methodical approach to healing has always proven very beneficial results. Her knowledge and disciplined training makes her an asset to anyone with simple or complex aches and pains. Honami has the lightest touch with her acupuncture needles and the ability kneed tight muscles into butter with her massages. Honami, I can not thank you enough for your selfless passion to help and heal. You are very special and I am extremely grateful to be your client.

 Jordan Wilkie   -firefighter-


Honami is a gifted healer, but I really appreciate how she empowers me and gives me the tool to heal and take care of myself. I feel like I am on the right path thanks to her guidance.”

 Sonya – editor-