Energy Healing


*Energy Healing*

Energy Healing  works on the body’s energy fields, Auric field and Chakra system. During the session you might feel a subtle energy flowing into you like an ocean wave. This wave will move and disperse the blockage and smooth out the energy fields of your body. This process will create an energy shift in your emotional body & human energy fields, making you feel extremely relaxed after the treatment. You may start to be aware of some of your old emotions and memories that are hidden deep inside your heart.


During the session you may experience sensations of cold, heat, peace, bliss and energy flowing as I remove blockages in your energy field and your energy body becoming balanced and encouraged to heal on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Most successful sessions are when the client are open and ready to letting go of old thought patterns and feelings that doesn’t serve them any more.



Personal Empowerment is the process that takes place during the energy healing process. When the heart and mind are aware and clear of their blockage, one can begin to pursue their personal empowerment. The client is fully supported in learning to be mindful, aware of any emotional blockages and negative belief systems. This can happen in small steps or in large steps in coordination with energy healing.

*I’ve apprenticed with Intuitive Energy Healer Karen Radu intensively for over two years to expand my knowledge and understanding of spiritual psychology, human energy fields and emotional medicine.


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Energy Healing with Sound Vibration Healing
Single Session for $100
$397 for course 5 weeks of treatments


-Energy healing, Aura Healing & Chakra balancing Session
-60/90/120 minute for $80/$110/$140



**Life Sprouts 123 Course is a consecutive weekly treatment program designed to give you 100% support and validation from the practitioner for your physical pain, emotional and spiritual process and progress.


Meditation and Energy Healing Courses



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