Q: How does acupuncture work?


All the healing starts from smooth and balanced energy flow, our gut health & emotional health. Acupuncture & Energy healing sessions blend the mind, body & spirit together. It focuses on balancing the flow of energy to achieve and maintain the natural flow of optimum health in the body. Feeling stuck, having chronic issues and pent-up feelings can stop energy from circulating properly inside our body. When the mind relaxes our body relax, when the body relax our healing starts!


At Life Sprouts 123, we treat people as a whole so come and experience the difference!


  • Deep relaxation during the treatment and following the treatment.
  • A sense of dealing better with life situations and stress, Clarity of mind.
  • Improved flow of energy, reduced nerve pain & quality of sleep
  • Balance to the body on the physically, mental, emotional and spiritual level
  • Energy healing & Vibrational toning allows the natural process of renewal and removal of toxin to be enhanced.
Acupuncture treatment focus on smoothing the flow of energy in the body to maintain the natural flow of body’s homeostasis; that’s how it can help to relieve your pain, release emotional issues and re-discover your spirit. Japanese people often referred to Chinese Medicine as the Old medicine for the modern problems. It is a very effective treatment for the problems where conventional medicine doesn’t have any particular effects. Example: Emotional Stress, Depression, Infertility, Insomnia…etc.. Acupuncture is the most scientifically researched of all the complementary therapies, and has a considerable body of scientific evidence to back it up. It is also a natural drug-free system of healing that supports the body in its efforts to balance and heal itself. Disease comes from unbalanced energy in the body and mind. Acupuncture in its classical practice, guides our energy back to it’s proper path while treating the symptoms alone.


—— Acupuncture for the next level of healing—–


Life Sprouts 123 – Acupuncture Session


I offer an integrated approach to healing with individualized session with your needs by using the modality through Acupuncture, Japanese Hara diagnosis, Trigger points therapy, Electric Acupuncture treatment, Sound vibrational healing & Aroma massage therapy.  This is the foundation for clearing old patterns to create space for your spirit to shine thorough.
One on one session with focused care, 70~90 min per session.



Initial Session $100.00



**Life Sprouts 123 Course is a consecutive weekly sessions so that you’ll receive 100% support and validations from the practitioner for your physical pain, emotional and spiritual process and progress.


Personal Empowerment ( Self Healing & Self Awareness ) Change Work
(Mind, Body & Spiritual Medicine one on one course session)


Initial Session $120.00
Course Starts from 8 weeks to 32 weeks.


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I accept cash or credit card payment through paypal “Buy now” button in my website. Email Honami at or call 604-724-0591 for book an appointment.  Thank you!



Q: Are Life Sprouts 123 treatments covered by medical health care plans?


Acupuncture is most likely covered by the extended health plan with private insurance. and also partially covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) for individuals with a combined family income of $28,000 or under ($23.00 x 10 Visits covered by MSP)  Many private health extended health care plans provided for employees also cover acupuncture, often up to $500 per year.  If your company provides an extended health benefits package, check with your insurer for details of coverage. For the MSP plan, I’ll have the form ready for you to sign, so you just need to fill your part then send it to MSP Office. You will receive reimbursement within two to three weeks. Very easy process.


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Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a curing method from ancient times which has proven effectiveness for muscle pain, joint pain and detoxification through the skin. There are various methods of cupping therapies which are used in different cultures.

With one method cups – also called cupping glasses – are placed on selected areas of the body. The suction from the cupping glass creates a vacuum which penetrates deep into the tissue causing the tissues to release harmful toxins. Additionally I use medicinal organic oil for maximum effectiveness.


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